Thursday, March 13, 2014

Online Dating.. I thought this would be fun!

So when i decided to stick my toe in the online dating pond I thought it would be fun and that I would have tons of stories of all the fun dates I went on.. boy was I wrong...

I figured I'd start with one of the free sites to see if I would like it and I wanted to take things slow since I havent been single that long.. So I signed up for an account with OkCupid, its pretty straight forward and pretty well known from what I understand. I figured there would be less creeps than POF and a first step before I joined Match or BPM or something along those lines..

Setting up my profile was the MOST nerve wrecking experience.. I wanted to choose pictures that would be an accurate depiction of me, I needed a good variety because I dont want to be that girl who doesnt look like her pictures.. I needed at least one with my natural hair, one with a weave, one without makeup, one all made up, one full body picture and of course the obligatory selfie, I also wanted to make sure all of these pictures were no more than two years old.. Now of course some of these pictures are combined, I have a selfie with no make up, a full body picture all made up and a full body picture with my natural hair. I don't want there to be any surprises when I go out to meet a man for the first time in person, no reason for a person to question if the woman sitting in front of him is the woman from the site. So now that I have the pictures up I need to decide what goes in that dreaded "Self-Summary" section. How do I describe myself in just a few words? If I write too little will I look shallow? If I write too much will people even read it? So I like to believe I settled somewhere in the middle, its a little wordy but its good information about myself and what I am looking for. I also thought the "You should contact me if" section was a little loaded.. of course what I the things I want to say would come off shallow and rude so instead I wrote: You should contact me if: Something you read sparked your interest, or you feel like we have something in common...
Also you will get bonus points with me if your message is more than a simple "hi" "hello" or any other one word message..

You would not believe how many people first messaged me with just a "hey" or "HRU" or something else stupid like that before I added that final statement. I still get the occasional "hi" but then they shouldn't be surprised when they get no response. 

So now that my profile is all set up its time for all the sweet, fun, savvy messages from eligible bachelors to start rolling in right?!?   

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