Thursday, March 13, 2014

Is This When Life Begins?

Its been a whirlwind these last six months.. I broke up with my ex, got back together with him and broke up with him again, only this time it was for good!  I knew in order for me to move on I needed to let him go completely, no more back and forth. So sometime in November I decided to have that hard conversation with him that no one really ever wants to have.. The "we are not looking for the same thing" " we are just different people" the "Its not me its YOU" conversation and end it all.. overall it went pretty well, hes only tried a few times (all unsuccessful) to get back together. I have also started a new job, I had to rid myself of the toxic situation I was in and I've moved to a new apartment in a new part of town! All positive change but its a lot to handle all at once!

So now I embark on this new phase in my life, I'm staring down the barrel of thirty no where near where I thought I would be at this time in my life. I'm shaky on my career path as I am not sure if this is what I want to do, I've cut off all my hair and am going natural and there are no husband prospects as far as I can see which means children are not likely to happen any time soon. The only thing that is pretty stable is I love the area I live in, as long as I can find a job to continue to afford it.

I have always been of the school of thought "Don't complain about it if your not trying to fix it" so this year is the year of fixing it! This year I have decided to get out more socially, try online dating, beef up my resume with some volunteer work and generally "put myself out there" in multiple aspects of my life. I've tried this blogging thing multiple times and each time it ends up being random ramblings of my life.. this time will be no different, just a little more amusing! Hopefully..

Since this journey I'm about to encounter is a scary one for me the last thing I want to do is go at it alone!! I'm bring "everyone" with me for the good, the bad, and the ugly of dating, relationships, job hunting, hairtastrophes (hair catastrophes) and everything else that I'm bound to encounter.

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