Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Finding your passion

One morning when driving into work a segment on the radio really got me thinking about life. The segment was on branding yourself and finding your online presence but one statement the guest made is what really got me thinking. She said "If you are going to start a blog, vlog or anything of the sort find 3-4 topics your really passionate about and do those". I started thinking, what am I really passionate about? How could I turn those passions into my life work? What am I doing daily to fulfill those passions? So i started where any modern day girl will start... I went to Google! One of the first sites I came across was one of my go to's for everything, Wiki How will walk you step by step through anything you would ever want to know.. from how to fix something, to how to cook something, to how to find your passion in life.

The Wiki article had three methods in which people could use to discover (or rediscover) what their passions are.. I decided on this method: Method 2 of 3: Use Your Interests to Your AdvantageI started thinking, what am i interested in? What brings me joy? What makes me feel like i'm really making a difference in this world? Well there are a few things.. I't interested in crafts, I often hand make items for my home, my friends, my family. I'm interested in helping others, when i'm helping people figure out their life paths, helping students prep for college and things along those lines I feel as though i am leaving my "footprint in the sand", I am also interested in people in general (hence the Sociology degree) I just don't know where that last one would take me... I sat and pondered over these questions for days and got no where. Welp back to good ole Google I thought.. I came across multiple website that gave me some steps to finding my passion. these are the ones that struck me:

  • Slow down. I have always expected things in life to happen when I wanted them to happen but as I got older I've learned that when you slow down and let life happen it starts to reveal new things to you. 
  • Be confident. I have struggled for years with confidence. Confidence in my looks, confidence in my self and confidence in my work, at some point in my life I had to tell myself "If I don't believe in me why should anyone else". Now don't get me wrong it took me years to build up that confidence but now that I have it is the best tool in my toolbox. 
  • Find themes in my life. What are those common occurrences in my life that that bring me joy? What am I drawn to over and over again? Even what areas of life seem to be full of discomfort and pain that could use changing? Once I really sat down and thought these things through it gave me some clarity on what I could be working toward. 
  • Write about it. This is where my blogging comes in, I am taking you all on this journey with me to find my passions, to do what I love, to re-discover myself! So you will see as I am doing things through trial and error, making mistakes and going on new journeys. 
  • Stop waiting. Its so easy to say, I'll change careers when the time is right, or i'll go after my dreams when I have more money, well the truth is there may never be a right time or enough money. I need to make tomorrow happen today and realize that the only person holding me back from my dreams is ME. 
With all that said, i'm still working at discovering and bringing my passions to light, but now I have a clearer path.

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