Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Advice to my future daughter

As I'm staring into the last two months of my twenties its hit me that I have wasted a lot of my life on things that I wish I had someone to advise me otherwise on.. I am really grateful for the things my mother has taught me but I feel like there are some areas of my life I could have been more prepared for. I know sometimes I joke with friends about all the bad advice my mother has given me like; "only whores shave above the knee" or "Tampons are are for fast women" but as I hit these life milestones I start to think about the things I want to make sure I tell my future daughter..

  • Your hair does not define you- Going natural was one of the best hair decisions of my life, and believe me that yellow weave in high school will tell you I had some bad ones! But once I finally realized that the relaxed hair, lace fronts, high lights, or curls did not make me a better or worse person. It wasn't until I felt beautiful in all hair that I could truly embrace my natural state.. I will make sure my future little girl know, shes beautiful no matter what and hair should be her decision not societies. 

  • Every adult woman should know how to prepare at least one single girl dish and maintain a stocked kitchen- This is one lesson I didn't really get until I stopped living like a college student. Eating out can get expensive and cause extra pounds on the scale! Every woman should know how to whip up a "cooking for the man for the first time meal" and should always have ingredients in her fridge to feed herself at a moments notice. 

  • Saving is easier the earlier you start - Don't wait until your thirty (or damn near) to start paying into a 401K as soon an your company offers it to you start! Even if you don't think you'll be at that job forever, the worst that can happen is you have money put away. Also when you start your first job is when you should start your first savings account! You will thank yourself later when you dont have to pay on that vacation you deserve you can just out right pay for it. 

  • Be a Lady- All ladies are women but all women aren't ladies.. There is nothing that stands out more to people than being feminine.. This is actually something I didn't learn until I moved to a major metro area.. 

  • Don't stay in a relationship because its "Not bad" and always hold the significant other in your life to a higher standard - You deserve the best always! Yes you there are still men that will open doors and offer his jacket, men who know chivalry and romance isn't dead and they will do the work to get you and keep you happy. Its doesn't mean the relationship is good if you never fight but your never happy..

  • Pamper yourself- Sometimes life gets hard, sometimes your job gets stressful or your friends are draining.. This is why you can never forget to make time for you! Rather its getting a massage, buying new makeup, getting your hair done.. make sure you are making time to take care of yourself; mind, body and soul. Because lets be honest, if you don't make the time for YOU no one else will.. 

  • There will never be a right time- Life doesn't happen on your schedule, it will never be the right time to leave that job, to move to that state, to start that hobby, you just have to do it and hope for the best! Don't let life pass you by because you didn't think the timing was right go out into the world have adventures, make mistakes and just generally live life! You can always come back home :) 

So now that I've shared some of my advice to my future daughter, I'd like to hear from you! What would you tell your future child? What do you wish you mother told you? Let me know in the comments. 

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