Saturday, May 31, 2014

Girl Code!

So over the holiday weekend my "Girl Code" morals were tested, and it got me to thinking.. what are the tried and true girl code rules that you must always stick to, and which ones are a little fuzzy?!?

I'll start by sharing my story of my GC test.. So I met this guy online (i know right, always a guy) who just so happened to be a guy that a new friend of mine once dated and had recently slept with.. Once we figured out that we were talking to the same guy I was informed that he would be told I would no longer be talking to him.. well of course that wouldn't stop him from contacting me! After some slightly flirtatious (and tipsy) back and fourth I decided that it would be best that I stopped communication, the worst would be if she was the type to go through his phone and saw that we were texting! All of it got me thinking.. would it really be out of line if I had one drink with him? What are the hard and fast rules of girl code? When it is ok to break them? Is it ever ok to break them? After some fierce googling I came across what some would think are the top 10 girl code rules and my thoughts on them, in no order specifically.

  •  Figure out your group’s “man rules” before shit happens. - I guess this would have solved all of my issues if done.. When joining or creating a new group of girlfriends no matter the age this conversation must be had! If you have an ex you don't care about sharing let it be known, but if you are still hung up on that ex don't hide it, don't think your friends are supposed to figure it out, be honest and let them know. You will alleviate a lot of confusion down the road. 
  • Honesty is the best policy for, “How do I look?” - No one wants to be with the girl that everyone else is thinking "doesn't she have friends" if your friend is looking a hot mess in the most polite way tell her that maybe that isn't the best outfit/hairstyle/makeup for her. The worst thing you can do as a friend is let her go out looking disheveled  however if your friend didn't ask then its harder to offer that advice.. I still haven't quite figured out how to broach this issue myself but no one wants their friend walking around looking a mess! 
  • When required, be a wing woman. - bottom line, when your friends need you, you be there for them! 
  • Girls shall ALWAYS help other girls escape unwanted attention from guys. - (see above, lol) also we have all been in that situation when we just wished someone would swoop down and save us from what ever looser won't get the idea that your not interested... well when you see your friend in that situation you become the granter of her wishes! 
  • Presence is required if a friend has been dumped. - unless you are deathly ill or on a remote island with no internet connection you need to be there for your friend in need, rather its in person with drinks and a lighter (to burn his pictures) or through google hangout or FaceTime you need to find a way to be support for your friend.. When you loose the love of your life all you need is booze, sweets and friends! 
  • No hating on other women’s success. - When it comes to your friends, their success is your success and should only be celebrated! Nothing else needs to be said. 
  • If a girl looks intoxicated and looks like she needs a friend, be her friend. - While the easy route is to point, be judgmental, laugh and tell yourself that its not your problem (especially if she isn't your friend) the very least you could do is go up and ask, "are you ok?". Especially if her friends aren't being great friends! Put yourself in her shoes, if you were drunk in a public place you would be forever grateful for the kind stranger who got you water and patted your back. 
  • Be kind during "that time of the month"- It could be something as small as giving a tampon to  a stranger in need or letting your friend have that last piece of chocolate because of her cravings.. 

  • All big moments in your best friend's life should be celebrated with dancing and balloons. - All big moments in your friends lives need to be celebrated (balloons not always needed) but rather its a birthday, a promotion, a degree, a new job or anything else it warrants a celebration with friends! 
  • Confront your friend when you have a problem with her. -  If she is really your friend you want to be sure to address and fix any issues with your friends in person. Don't be passive aggressive, don't post statuses on fb or tweet about it, don't go to other friends in your group. Talk to your friend face to face, or on the phone (no text!) and let her know what she did and why it bothered you. You and your friend will be forever grateful! 

Where there you have it! While I know there are hundreds of girl code rules (check out the MTV series) these are the ones that I have come up with.. let me know in the comments the girl code rules that you have found to be important in your friendships and in life! 

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