Sunday, May 18, 2014

And I thought women were the crazy ones!

Throughout my life I have always been told by my male friends that the women in their lives were crazy... That last relationship ended because she was nuts... But I am learning through recent dating experience that its not us ladies, its them! Men these days are absolutely nuts! I am not making this statement because of one crazy man I have come across but because there have been multiples.. I have learned that mens crazy isn't even subtle, you would think men would be the lay low, on the sly a little crazy but your not sure if its over protective ness or crazy. But NOPE I have experienced some out and out crazy that one would think they would only experience from "single white female" types of women.

At first I thought it was harmless pick up lines, guys telling me how into me they are without even having met me, or how meant for each other we are before the first date. Then I took a step back and looked at the crazy behavior, if a woman were to exhibit any of these they would be labeled as a "Stage 5 clinger" lol.

Example #1- met a guy online, we talked on a popular dating site for about three days.. he then asked me if we could be in an exclusive relationship (weird) I asked if we could at least meet first.. After our first "date" he called me 10 mins after we departed ways to ask if we could then be in an exclusive relationship. If the tables were turned a it was a woman who was as pushy to be in a relationship she would be labeled as needy, desperate and crazy!

Example #2- met a guy in person, within the first three days he started to ask me when I was ready to start a family. During our first meeting he was basically counting my eggs and setting up dates to have them implanted. In one conversation HE planned how many children we would have (1 as he felt he was getting "older"), planned our next vacation, started tracking miles stones (in which we have had none) and asked me to go house hunting with him.. I've heard men talk about how quick women are to "trap" a man but this sounds like the complete opposite!

Example #3- started talking to another guy online... we talked for a week then exchanged numbers, we never had 1 single phone conversation and then I started to get more messages (online) about how much he missed me.. I'm sorry I know I'm fabulous (i kid, i kid) but how can you miss me and you don't even know my full first name (I only sent him a nickname)?!?!

I could go on and on and probably will in another post but for now share your clingy, crazy, moving to quickly men stories with me in the comments!

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