Friday, September 12, 2014

Isn't it neat to be Elite?

So Websters defines Elite as the people who have the most wealth and status in a society : the most successful or powerful group of people or the best of a class <super-achievers who dominate the computer elite — Marilyn Chase> 

However Yelp defines Elite as a super cool person who writes reviews, contribute to the overall awesomeness of the Yelp community, makes a connection with other yelps and are just generally cool people! 

Because of the Yelp definition I consider myself Elite (and so does Yelp). I became apart of this fabulous community four years ago and now I do everything I can to hold on to my Elite status. The status comes with a shiny badge on your yelp profile that makes people love you more and tons of perks that come in the form of Elite events! 

I've had a few different types of "Elite" experiences.. I've had a restaurant (and a business) send me a message after a bad review asking that i give their establishment another shot. I've had a business reach out to me ask that I review them from my "Elite Account" and I've had the pleasure of attending some kick ass Elite events! The first type of response I expected, I knew once I started leaving honest reviews about service and quality people would contact me in order to try and make things "right". Sometimes I would give them the opportunity, other times (anytime it had anything to do with my car) i'd rather just move on and take my business elsewhere.. When a business asked me to review them from my elite account I was creeped out for a couple of reasons (1) I hadn't yet been to their business (only set up a reservation) so why would i review you ahead of time (2) HOW did you know I was Elite? They tweeted me the request and at the time I did not not have any mention of my social media on the Yelp website (3) its rude, if I want to write a review for your establishment I will do it on my own! 

My most favorite part about being Elite is the events and the swag! In the last couple of years I have really picked up my attendance to these events and i'm glad I have! At first I was a little hesitant since I didn't know anyone and a good amount of the events are Elite only.. but then i realized that this meant other people wont know people either and I jumped in with both feet! The Yelp community is so welcoming, each area has a Community Manager (CM) who is a paid Yelp employee that's in place to plan the events and make sure everyone feels welcome. I have met a couple of them and they are all such wonderful people. Its almost like the job descriptions says you must be welcoming with a warm smile! Also the other members of the Elite Squad have been nothing short of awesome, applauding when people make it to their first event, making people feel welcome and not judging when you go back for your third cupcake from that amazing bakery you have been meaning to try but couldn't find the time to get to, or the pulled pork sandwich from the deli that you go to every day for lunch.. In other words the food at these events is always freaking amazing! Most of them are 21+ because they have fabulous drink vendors too that if you don't watch  yourself you may be using a car service to get home! Yelp is usually responsible and usually gives people Uber or Lyft codes if there are having alcohol at the event. 

I have also amassed a good amount of "swag" from these events.. from mints to lip balm to flask I have a good little collection of Yelp goodies that I can only hope to continue to add to! 

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